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Collaborative Consulting

Before entering the counseling profession, I worked in human resources and consulting. By marrying these skills and my knowledge of institutional structure and needs; I have found ways to work with businesses that can heal dysfunctional corporate and non-profit environments and open the channels for collaborative discourse. Some services that I offer are mediation, leadership and team-building, corporate culture consulting, surveying organizational needs and developing new programming. All of these services focus on using the skills and knowledge already present in an organization to create solutions that are satisfying, creative and empower individuals to bring the best of themselves into a work environment.

I partner with gifted non-profit and private sector business consultants who specialize in the areas of finance, programming, technology, administration and efficiency in order to provide comprehensive and cohesive services for larger projects that are beyond the scope of my own expertise. In this way we are able to work together to connect the areas of your business that need support and alleviate the problems that can arise from lack of communication while modeling the spirit of successful collaboration.

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