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Narrative counseling services can be a wonderful tool for dealing with specific concerns and crises that arise in life or in relationships.

My approach is to connect you with resources, both internally and in the world, that will move you beyond the counseling room.

Through our sessions, I will assist you in finding unique, creative and personal ways of discussing your problems. This process creates space between you and “them” and allows us to work together to use the strengths and resources in your life to create new, more satisfying narratives and ways of being in the world.

The fundamental principles of my practice are curiosity, non-judgement, collaboration and hope. I firmly believe that each individual/relationship is unique and therefore the solutions that will free them from the influence of problems will also be unique.

I bring a set of wisdoms with me that include mindfulness, contemplative theories and nervous-system-regulation tactics. Some clients choose to mine these resources while others use the collaborative process to find wisdoms more resonant with their culture and experience.

As a result of this approach, a lot of work can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time although longer term therapy is available as long as it is consistently useful.

As a counselor, I have experience working with a broad range of people and concerns. I Invite you to bring in issues around relationships, cultural concerns, employment, life satisfaction, mood, creativity, grief or others. My specialty is working with men to navigate confusion and conflict. Other areas of my practice include working with the LGBTQ community, people involved in non-traditional relationships and survivors of trauma and abuse.

**If I am not the best helping professional for you, I have a network of skilled and wonderful professionals that I can connect you with.

Please call or email for a free 30-minute phone consultation to further discuss whether individual counseling would be a good fit for you.