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People need resources! Narrative therapy is a powerful tool for shifting stories and opening lives to possibility.

I consider myself an integrative narrative therapist, which means looking at people in the context of their bodies, environments and communities in addition to their minds and stories. As such, collaboration with other kinds of professionals can be incredibly helpful. Here is a list of marvelous professionals with whom I coordinate care and offer as referrals to integrate healing and wellness for those who consult me:

Nikki Burnett- Taste Life Nutrition

Nikki is a functional nutritionist. She runs labs on each client to better understand their biochemical individuality as well as deficiencies and problem areas. Nikki works with hormone imbalance and fertility (both men and women), GI health, autoimmune conditions, blood sugar balance, cardiovascular health, general health and wellness, weight control, as well as genetic consultations.

The Gender Identity Center of Colorado

The Gender Identity Center of Colorado provides support groups, community, low cost counseling and other resources for anyone gender variant in their gender identity and expression or their friends, family, spouses, partners and other loved ones. Their website contains resources lists for medical, legal, cosmetic, voice and other services for the gender variant community.

Kristen Sandine- Courageous Counseling

Kristen offers children and teens a safe and supportive environment to explore, understand, and cope with difficult emotions and transitions. She collaborates with families to provide healthy coping skills, helpful insight, and solutions for growth and change in difficult times. Kristen has extensive training in Play Therapy, Crisis and Trauma Intervention, and Art interventions.

The Vitality Center

The Vitality Center is a place for complete restoration of health. Their practitioners are Masters of Chinese medicine and excel in their diagnostic abilities. They address a wide range of health issues ranging from anxiety, pain, and insomnia to cardiovascular disease. Patients are treated with a unique style of acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition therapy, and compassion.